How to record on LG 43LH5100

How to record a TV program on LG 43LH5100

Who does not have a favorite show that he would miss for nothing in the world? Or a new series that he would like to watch but which is broadcast only during his work schedules? In the case of a counter-clock, it is possible for you to watch your program, TV show or film after its broadcast! You just have to record with your LG 43LH5100 TV. For that there are many methods, but finished are the times of video tapes! Today you can record with your TV directly through a digital recorder, or a USB stick.

There is even a “replay” service where you can watch your shows without storing them. So here’s how to record on a TV LG 43LH5100.

On a digital recorder connected to your LG 43LH5100

A digital recorder can actually be several devices wired to your LG 43LH5100.

It is the main descendant of the VCR.

It may be a TV decoder or a satellite decoder, connected to a hard disk.

To record, simply take the remote control of the decoder and press the “record” button represented by a red circle.

The program is then recorded, just follow the steps on your LG 43LH5100 to set the recording time range using the directional buttons and the “OK” button.

You can also go to the menu of your decoder and select “program recording”.

You will be able to choose the schedule to register, and watch another channeled the same time on your LG 43LH5100!

On a USB key plugged to your LG 43LH5100

In order to record with your LG 43LH5100 TV with a USB key, you must verify that it is equipped with a USB port and that it has the PVR function. Otherwise, you can refer to the paragraphs above and below to know how to record on a LG 43LH5100 TV.

To record your program, simply select the PVR function.

However, playback of programs stored on a USB flash drive only works on your LG 43LH5100 TV, to avoid fraudulent use.

Use the “replay” service on your LG 43LH5100

Finally, if you have a TV and internet provider box, you have access to a “replay” service.

Find all the information about LG 43LH5100 in our articles.

This service gives access to all the films, programs, series and games of all the channels of your LG 43LH5100 for one to three weeks after their diffusion.

To access it, you have to go to the menu of your TV box from your LG 43LH5100. Select “My TV” or “My services” , depending on the provider, using the directional buttons and the “OK” button.

And select “Replay”. Finally, choose the channel of your choice, as well as your desired program.

To conclude on recording on your LG 43LH5100

We saw together how to record on a LG 43LH5100 TV. Whether it is due to lack of time, or a great interest for a large number of programs running at the same time, recording on your LG 43LH5100 TV can be useful for everyday use.

You can record using the decoders of your LG 43LH5100 TV, using a USB key with the latest TVs, or use the “replay” service to watch a large number of programs without using space on your storage devices.

If you encounter a problem, do not hesitate to ask for help from a friend who knows this technology, or a professional.

How do I record on my LG 43 inch Smart TV?

– From the current screen, press the Q.

Menu ( ) button on the Magic Remote Control to display the Screen Remote .
– Select on the Screen Remote to display the Progress Bar .
– On the Progress Bar , select REC to begin recording the current program.

Can I record from my LG TV to a hard drive?

To record your TV programmes you are required to have USB hard drives or USB flash drives.

Note: Only TV programmes are available for recording.

You are not able to record streaming channels such as Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Videos.

What format does LG TV record?

It depends on the model and capability of the TV, but FAT32 or NTFS formats are the most commonly used formats.

Generally, the operating system of LG TV efficiently recognizes these two formats.

How can I record TV shows to watch later?

The recommended way to record live TV is to use a screen recorder, EaseUSEaseUSEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is proprietary data recovery software that aims to recover deleted files from a partition on a digital storage device such as a hard disk or solid state drive, recover deleted or formatted partitions and corrupted data. › EaseUS_Data_Recovery_WizardEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Wikipedia RecExperts.

It’s Windows screen recorder and also compatible with Mac. Basically, you can record screen, audio, webcam, and game with it. With many useful functions, it can capture live TV shows on screen.

Do smart TVs have built in recorders?

With selected Samsung Smart TVs, you are able to instantly record, play and pause or schedule a Live TV recording.

You can set it up for just one episode or even a whole season. Follow the steps below and rest easy knowing that you’ll never miss another episode.

Where is the record button on LG Smart TV?

– From the current screen, press the Q.
– Select on the Screen Remote to display the Progress Bar .
– On the Progress Bar , select REC to begin recording the current program.

How to Update LG TV firmware with USB drive to Fix software errors

4 ancillary questions

Why won’t my LG TV recognize my USB drive?

You may need to connect a USB storage device to an external power supply with a power adapter.

An electrostatic discharge can cause a USB device to malfunction.

In this case, try plugging in the USB device again.

If the TV does not recognize a connected USB storage device, replace the cable and try again.

Does LG TV support USB?

Which USB stick works on LG TV?

What format does USB need to be for LG TV? Make sure to use USB storage devices that are formatted with the FAT32 or NTFS file system provided by your Windows operating system.

If your drive is larger than 2TB, you cannot format it as FAT32 and files larger than 4 GB cannot be used in FAT32.

How do I get my TV to record?

– Make sure your TV has the built-in PVR option.

Also, check if there is a USB slot at the back of your TV.
– Prepare a USB and connect the USB HDD to your TV.
– Adjust the format in your TV and click the Record button.
– To stop the recording, you click the Stop button.

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