Celine Dion Signs For Her First Major Movie Role in Jim Strouse’s “Text to You”

The singer with 200 million albums sold worldwide, Céline Dion, will make her debut in a major role in the cinema.

The film chosen: “Text to you”, by Jim Strouse, inspired by a novel by German writer Sofie Cramer.

After more than forty years of a career exclusively dedicated to singing, Celine Dion makes the jump to her first serious film project, which has been postponed many times.

She will star in Jim Strouse’s new movie, Text To You, according to the Deadline website, relayed by the tweet from actress Priyanka Chopra who says she is “so excited to start this great movie with amazing people! Jim Strouse, Sam Heughan, Celine Dion”.

A romance, with music by Celine Dion…

Remake of the German film released in 2016, Sms Für Dich by Karoline Herfurth, this feature film is the new romantic drama by Strouse, known for having directed for Netflix The Incredible Jessica James, selected at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017.

Text To You tells the story of a young woman who decides, after the death of her fiancé, to continue texting him to make up for his painful absence.

These messages will arrive on the phone of the new owner of the number, a young man with a broken heart who lives in the same city as her.

A love story is then born between the two characters, and the romance should be punctuated by Celine Dion’s music.

The singer will have a real role, but it will not be one of the first two.

The duo will be played by the already stars Sam Heughan – Jamie Fraser in the Outlander series -, and Priyanka Chopra – Miss World 2000, in Quantico.

The voice of “Titanic”

This is not, however, the first appearance of Celine Dion on the screens.

In 1991, she was a young girl mistreated by her mother in Jean Lepage’s Quebec television mini-series Des fleurs sur la neige.

And more recently she made a brief appearance in Alain Chabat’s Sur la piste du Marsupilami (2012) and played her own role in Operation Muppets, released on Disney + last March.

But the Quebecker has mainly made a name for herself in movies for her songs.

The Beauty And The Beast is Disney’s flagship song The Beauty And The Beast and My Heart Will Go On became the anthem of James Cameron’s worldwide hit Titanic.

Celine Dion will also be the subject of a comedy inspired by her life, entitled Aline.

Directed and played by Valérie Lemercier, the film was scheduled for release on November 11 but will eventually be postponed due to the health crisis, as the actress announced in Le Parisien on Thursday, October 29.

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