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Watching TV should be safe and easy.

TV Info helps you to reduce your TV set energy usage, while improving its functionalities.

Our Services

Improve the safety of your TV

From children watching TV to electrical connectivity, we help you with keeping the best standards of security for your TV.

Know how to connect your TV

Connecting your TV helps you to get the latest services.

This can include online education, courses or some of the best entertainments.

Save energy with your TV

On average, TVs consume more than 100 kWh of electricity per year.

We help you to reduce your energy bill and protect nature.

“TV Info helped me to improve the safety of my TV set, while saving 30% on my device energy bill.”

Robert Smith


We are a group of technology and TV enthusiasts

Both engineers and technicians, we are at your side to advise you on the use of your television set. We believe that using your television properly can improve safety and energy efficiency.


You have questions about your television set? We’re here to help.