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TV connections

You have just acquired a television and you do not know where to start to turn it on and watch your favorite programs? This article is made for you!

In a world where our phone serves as a GPS or a morning newspaper, and where our tablet serves as a gaming console, why wouldn’t our television serve to surf the Internet?

You have owned a POLAROID TQL19R4PR002 for a long time and you are tired of the system display on your screen?

You want to watch your TV, but the neighbor is mowing his lawn beneath your windows, and even if you raise the sound, you hear nothing! Are the children finally taking their nap?

Repair your TV

You would like to watch your favorite program when, without warning, your CHIQ UHD49D6000ISX2 television decides not to turn on, whereas an hour ago it worked very well.

There may be sound “beeps” from the television, no more sound at all, or the sound of your program is offset from the picture.

If your TV’s backlighting is deteriorating, there are several solutions to try to solve the problem.


Today, applications are just one click away from us.

They are available everywhere: on your smartphones, on your computers, on your tablets…

Upgrade your TV

What is Audio description? It is an option to make a program accessible to blind or visually impaired people through a voice-over text that describes visual elements present on the screen.

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