SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 TV no longer lights or stays on standby

SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 no longer starts or stays on standby

You would like to watch your favorite program when, without warning, your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 television decides not to turn on, whereas an hour ago it worked very well.

It can be a frustrating time, especially if your television has no reason to be down.

That’s why we wrote this article to help you when your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 TV does not turn on or stays on standby.

Check the remote control of your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305

It may sound trivial, but if your remote does not work, your TV will not turn on when you use it.

Make sure your remote has charged and properly and has charged batteries.

If so, try using your phone and its remote control application to turn on your TV. Or simply press the on / off button on your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305.

If one of these two solutions works, the problem is with your remote control and not with your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 TV.

You can enjoy your program again!

Check connections to your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305

Sometimes, between your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 TV, decoder, internet box, DVD player, speakers and stereos, and even your game station, it may get a little tangled with all the cables behind your television. Some, with heat or sudden movement, disconnect or no longer function.

Take a look behind your TV and check that the connections are the right ones.

If this is the case, make sure there is power in the outlets.

If everything works fine but your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 TV refuses to turn on, go to the next paragraph.

Check capacitors at the back of your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305

Beware, before doing this operation, make sure you know about electricity and the like.

Find all the information about SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 TV in our articles.

If not, please go and see a professional for your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 before doing anything.

In any case, please unplug the electrical wire connected to your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 before touching the back of it.

You could get electrocuted if not doing so. Besides, we strongly advise you to work with gloves which can fully protect you from electricity before doing this operation. Capacitors are electrical components essential to the start-up of an electronic object.

They are made of an insulating piece and metal wires.

These, when spoiled, may be the reason why your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 TV does not turn on or remains on standby. But they can be changed! Be careful, if you do not feel comfortable with the following procedure, bring yourself closer to an expert who will help you for a reasonable price.

To repair capacitors on your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305, you must check the back of your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 television and disassemble the protective shell if the capacitors are not already visible.

When you see them, have a pair of pliers, and separate them from your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305.

Then place the capacitors, which you can buy for the price of bred in a store, in the right place and using a welder, assemble them to your TV. Wait a few minutes for the capacitors to cool down.

And now your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 works again!

Run the warranty of your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305

If your remote control works, your connections are good, and the capacitors do not look damaged, you can then play back the guarantee of your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 TV.

Many retailers will take your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305 to repair or provide you with another.

Some TV models may have a hardware problem and the manufacturer may be at fault. Do not hesitate to ask for a model exchange with the manufacturer of your SAMSUNG TV LED UE55NU7305, who may provide you with another free of charge as an apology.

What does it mean when a TV won t turn on but has a red standby light?

This means that there is a problem with the On_Off button or a problem with the remote control.

It is also possible that the batteries of the remote are exhausted (or a bad contact) or the window for receiving signals from the remote on the TV is obstructed by some object.

How do I fix my Samsung TV stuck on standby?

Why does my TV have a standby light?

In normal use, the red standby light is on when the TV is off (indicating the TV is on standby), and the red standby light is off when the TV is in use (or doesn’t have power).

If you are using a monitor, the standby light will be blue.


7 ancillary questions

Why is my Samsung remote flashing red light TV won t turn on?

Your Samsung TV remote may blink red when the batteries are weak, damaged, or no longer viable.

That means the remote can no longer function as it should, and you must test the batteries to see if they are the source of the problem.

What is the point of standby mode?

The Standby mode is a power management state that saves the state of the system and peripheral devices in Random Access Memory (RAM). Power consumption reduces to a minimum, and the system remains turned on.

How do I get my LED TV off standby mode?

How do I get my TV off standby without remote? Press and hold the power button located on the main TV unit (not the remote control) and switch on mains supply whilst holding the power button until the unit powers up.

Why is my Samsung TV remote not turning on?

However, the most common reasons for a TV remote that is not working are battery issues, paring issues, or infrared sensor issues.

Press the power button while pointing the remote control at your TV.

Make sure the LED indicator on the TV blinks.

If not, your remote does not have enough power remaining in the batteries.

How do I force my Samsung TV to start?

If something really weird is happening, try this: with the TV on, press and hold the power button on your Samsung TV remote until the TV turns off and back on. When the TV comes back on, everything should be back to normal.

Why won’t my TV turn on but red light is blinking?

If a Red LED is blinking and the TV is not working properly it means that the TV has detected an issue or problem.

Most Red LED blink conditions require service.

What do I do when my TV is blinking red?

– Performing a power reset or restart of your TV may solve this issue if it’s caused by a temporary malfunction. Power reset.
– Check if any devices connected to your TV are causing an issue (such as a malfunctioning device or a data communication issue).

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