How to update THOMSON 40FS3013

How to update your THOMSON 40FS3013

You have owned a THOMSON 40FS3013 for a long time and you are tired of the system display on your screen? Or you often receive an update message from your decoder or your TV box? We have written this article to help you! There are many ways to update your THOMSON 40FS3013 TV.

Here we will see how to update your TV model, your decoder, and your box.

Update your THOMSON 40FS3013 TV

First of all, we will explain how to make an update on THOMSON 40FS3013.

This manipulation requires that your model has a usb port.

First, go to your THOMSON 40FS3013 manufacturer’s website.

Then go to “Product Support”, and select your model.

Then, in a menu corresponding to your model, you will see “Manuals & Documents”, “Software & Program”, “Help” and sometimes “Video Tutorials”. Go to “Software & Program”.

Here you can view all the software update guides.

After that, download the “” file.

Open this file in your computer and find a file ending with “.epk” and place it on a USB key.

Finally, connect your USB stick to the USB port of your THOMSON 40FS3013.

You will see a message asking if you want to update it.

Agree, let it load, it’s done!

Find all the information about THOMSON 40FS3013 in our articles.

Update your decoder linked to your THOMSON 40FS3013

To update the decoder wired to your THOMSON 40FS3013, you will not have much to do, except waiting! Periodically, decoder providers update their software.

When this happens, a message appears on your THOMSON 40FS3013 TV screen asking you if you want to update.

Select “Update”, or “OK”, or “Yes”.

Then, your decoder goes into standby and installs the update automatically.

This should only take a few minutes.

If your decoder takes several hours, contact the after-sales service of your decoder provider linked to your THOMSON 40FS3013!

Update your box on your THOMSON 40FS3013

Finally, you can update your box.

Your internet and TV box provider often upgrades the software of his platform.

To do this, a message appears on your TV screen asking you if you want to update.

Select “Update”, or “OK”, or “Yes”.

Then, your box goes into standby and installs the update automatically.

Then it reboots.

Sometimes it doesn’t ask you anything more, sometimes it can ask for your preferences on any menu.

Make your choices.

And now, it’s done, you’ve just updated the box connected to your THOMSON 40FS3013.

To conclude on updating your THOMSON 40FS3013

We’ve just seen how to update the THOMSON 40FS3013. Whether it’s the television itself, your decoder, or your box, many updates are available for your THOMSON 40FS3013.

However, we realize that manipulation to update on THOMSON 40FS3013 itself can be difficult.

In this case, do not hesitate to solicit the help of a friend who knows about TVs, or to call the help contacts provided by your television manufacturer.

How to update your TV, solve frequent breakdowns?

8 ancillary questions

How do I know if my smart TV needs an update?

For Android TV models: On the remote control, press the HELP button, and select Status & Diagnostics → System software update → Check if the Automatically check for update or Automatically software download setting is set to ON.

How do I force a Software Update on my Samsung Smart TV?

– Turn on your TV, then press the Menu button on your remote.
– Select Support > Software Update.
– Select Update Now.
– After starting the update, your TV will power off, then turn on automatically.

You will see a confirmation message when the update has completed successfully.

How do I update my Thomson TV software?

Can a smart TV be too old to download Apps?

If your model is too old, you won’t be able to download apps, but you might be able to access some streaming services if they are available.

To find out if your Samsung Smart TV is able to download apps, you should check the model number on the back of your television and the settings in your Smart Hub menu.

Can you update smart TV to get new apps?

If there’s an update available, the button will say, you guessed it, Update.

Select it and the update will download and install itself. From this menu, you can also add or remove apps from the home screen menu.

Do smart TVs automatically update?

Smart TVs may perform automatic updates themselves overnight.

If your smart TV turns on in the middle of the night, it is likely updating itself. Other smart TVs may need to be manually updated.

How do I manually update my TV?

– Press the HOME button.
– Select the Apps.

– Select Help.
– Select System software update.
– Select Software update.

How do I check for updates on my smart TV?

– Go to Settings.
– Select Support.
– Select Software Update.
– Select Update Now.
– If no updates available, select OK to exit the Settings menu and proceed to use the TV.

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