How to reset sound and audio settings on SELECLINE LE

How to reset the sound and audio settings on SELECLINE LE

Sometimes the sound or audio system of your SELECLINE LE does not work properly.

There may be sound “beeps” from the television, no more sound at all, or the sound of your program is offset from the picture.

In any case, the experience is unpleasant for you! But do not lose patience, it is possible to put the sound on your SELECLINE LE. We will see in this article solutions for each problem stated above.

A “beep” sound from your SELECLINE LE

When you turn on your SELECLINE LE, and use it, a “beep” sound disturbs your evening activity? This happens when a capacitor burns and interferes with the proper operation of your SELECLINE LE. But do not worry, you can change it! Capacitors are electrical components essential to the start-up of an electronic object.

They are made of an insulation and two metal wires.

Be careful, if you do not feel comfortable with the following procedure, bring yourself closer to an expert who will help you for a reasonable price.

Be aware, this is a dangerous operation, and unless you are an expert, we do not advise you to do it yourself! To repair capacitors on SELECLINE LE, you must disassemble to the back of your SELECLINE LE TV and disassemble the protective shell if the capacitors are not already visible.

When you see them, have a pair of pliers, and separate them from the TV. Next, place the capacitors, which you can buy for the price of a baguette in a store, in the right place and with the help of a welder, assemble them to your TV. Wait a few minutes for the capacitors to cool down.

No sound on your SELECLINE LE

The first simple step in this case is to check if your TV, model SELECLINE LE, and decoder are not “mute” or if the sound is not too low on each.

If this is not the problem, check the connections of your SCART or HDMi cable and those of your amps.

If all this does not work, and you do not have amps, try going to the “Menu” of your decoder, and go to “Settings”.

Then select “Picture & Sound”. Continue in “Sound Adjustment”, and deactivate Dolby Digital on the HDMI output by selecting “No”.

The sound must be returned to normal on your SELECLINE LE.

Find all the information about SELECLINE LE in our articles.

Offset sound on SELECLINE LE

You wanted to follow your favorite program when you realized that the sound did not match the image at all. Whether it’s early or late, it’s very disturbing for your viewer experience! Do not worry, here’s how to resize the sound to the image on your TV SELECLINE LE.

Shifted sound from your SELECLINE LE on a channel only

When you have the sound offset to one, see two channels only, it is likely that either these channels are set to a foreign language sound channel.

If you watch a lot of programs in Original Version on your SELECLINE LE, it may be your case.

To fix this, go to the channel with the problem.

Take the remote control of your decoder and press “Menu”, then “Language setting”.

In the “Audio” section displayed on the screen of your SELECLINE LE, select the channel’s original language.

Here it is! The sound is normally set back on the picture!

Sound delay on your SELECLINE LE

Some TVs like your SELECLINE LE have a “Sound delay” option.

If this has been set on your SELECLINE LE, go to the “Menu” of your decoder, and go to “Settings”.

Then select “Picture & Sound”. Continue in “Sound Adjustment”, and deactivate Dolby Digital on the HDMI output by selecting “No”.

The sound must be returned to normal.

To conclude on reseting the sound and audio settings on SELECLINE LE

We have just seen how to reset the sound on TV SELECLINE LE.

However, if you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to ask for help from a friend. Or ask for help from a professional who will guide you step by step to reset the audio settings and sound on your SELECLINE LE.

How do I fix the volume on my TV?

– Check the Speakers setting on the TV.
– Increase the volume of the TV.
– Make sure the MUTE option of the TV isn’t enabled.
– Make sure no headphones are connected to the TV.
– Perform a power reset on the TV.
– If using a set-top box with a volume control, increase the volume of the set-top box.

How do I find audio settings on my TV?

– Use your remote to access the TV’s settings menu, then look for a section called Audio, Sound or something similar.
– At the top of the menu should be a selection of presets such as Movie, User or Standard.

Why does my TV have no sound on some channels?

The sound might be muted.

Try pressing the volume up button to restore sound. Check if it is the same with the other channels.

Do a channel search and if there is only one channel with no sound, there is a possibility that the signal strength of the network is poor, or it may be having technical issues.

How do I fix my TV without sound but pictures?

Temporarily unplug all the TV connection cables and reboot the TV set. Sometimes, temporarily unplugging the connected cables might help resolve your TV no sound issue.

This temporary reset works to clear the short-term memory of the television, and also helps to resolve some other issues.

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5 ancillary questions

Why does my Samsung TV have sound but no picture?

A connection issue; the most common problem. Where there is a bad connection, faulty cables or improper installation.

An issue with the device connected to the TV.

There may be a video output setting on the device that you must set properly before it will output to the TV.

How do I fix a black screen on my Samsung TV?

– Unplug the TV from the wall outlet.
– Press and hold the power button on your TV.
– Hold the button for at least a minute.
– Plug the TV back in.
– Turn the TV back on.

Can you hear TV but have a black screen?

Backlight issues: LCD screens use a backlight to light up images displayed on the screen.

If the backlight experiences any technical issues, it won’t light the display, and the screen will be black, but the user will still hear sound in the background.

To fix this problem, TV owners need to repair their backlights.

What does it mean when your TV turns on but the screen is black?

TV black screens are commonly caused by cable connection issues, issues with input devices, or outdated firmware updates.

Worst case scenario, the power supply board could have malfunctioned. Could a loose cable cause a TV black screen? Perhaps the most common cause of a black screen is connection issues.

How do I change the audio output on my TV?

Go into the Sound or Speakers menu of the TV, and select External Speakers or Audio System. Some TVs require that the internal speakers be turned off before outputting the audio signal to another device.

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