How to go online with a HAIER LE28F6600C

How to go online with your HAIER LE28F6600C

In a world where our phone serves as a GPS or a morning newspaper, and where our tablet serves as a gaming console, why wouldn’t our television serve to surf the Internet? Well it’s possible! Beyond watching your programs on your HAIER LE28F6600C, you can watch online videos, read your emails, or use apps.

It is to help you do all of this that we wrote this article on how to go on the Internet with a HAIER LE28F6600C. We will see that you can go on the Internet with your HAIER LE28F6600C TV in different ways: with Android TV, with your TV and Internet provider box, and with your computer!

Using Android TV with your HAIER LE28F6600C

The first solution is to have the Android TV. But what is it ? This is an Android service to have Internet and applications on your HAIER LE28F6600C TV.

You can either buy a TV with integrated Android TV, or buy the box NVIDIA SHIELD.

Here we will see the case of the box. Simply connect it to your HAIER LE28F6600C TV with an HDMI cable.

For this, on your TV, plug the cable into “HDMi In”. On the SHIELD, plug the cable into “HDMi Out”.

You can now turn on your SHIELD with its remote control.

Make sure that your TV displays the SHIELD screen.

If it does not, take the remote control of your HAIER LE28F6600C and press “Source”, or the button with an arrow that enters a square.

Then select the HDMI corresponding to the one where you just plugged in your SHIELD box.

There you go ! All you have to do is navigate your Android TV with the SHIELD remote control.

With an Internet box provider connected to HAIER LE28F6600C

You can also go on the Internet with a HAIER LE28F6600C TV thanks to your TV and Internet provider box. First, connected the Internet box to the TV box with an ethernet cable.

Then, it is quite simple: you need to turn on your TV and Internet provider box, then, with the arrow keys and the “OK” button, select “My applications” or “My services”.

Find all the information about HAIER LE28F6600C in our articles.

There you can choose the service or application you want to use to watch online videos, read your emails, or play a game.

With your computer wired to your HAIER LE28F6600C

Finally, you can go on the Internet with a HAIER LE28F6600C TV thanks to your computer! In this case, your television becomes your computer screen. Start by connecting your computer, laptop or tower, with an HDMI cable to your television.

Make sure your TV displays the screen for your computer.

If it does not, take the remote control of your HAIER LE28F6600C TV and press “Source”, or the button with an arrow that enters a square.

Then select the HDMI corresponding to the one where you just connected your computer.

Then you just have to connect a keyboard and a wireless mouse to your computer to browse the Internet from your sofa.

To conclude on going online with your HAIER LE28F6600C

We saw how to go online with a HAIER LE28F6600C TV.

This can be handy for having a larger screen to watch videos, or play games.

But if you encounter difficulties, do not hesitate to contact a professional or a friend who knows the technology.

How do I go online on my smart TV?

For Wi-Fi, go to your TV’s Network Settings.

Select the option to set up a new wireless connection. Select your Wi-Fi network and input the password. For wired connections, connect an ethernet cable to the port on your TV from your router.

Why is my Haier TV not connecting to Wi-fi?

Check your wireless router Settings, make sure the wireless signal is normal. Check if the location of the WiFi device is too far from the TV .

Restart the TV.

Make a factory reset to see if it is restored.

How do I connect my Haier TV to the Internet?

Can you go online with your TV?

Using a streaming device is by far the most user-friendly way to connect your TV to your home Wi-Fi.

In most cases, they plug into your TV’s HDMI port and power outlet to bring every streaming app out there right to your screen.

How to connect your Haier Smart TV to Haier Smart App

8 ancillary questions

Will a smart TV work without internet connection?


Yes, a smart TV can function without an internet connection. What is this? However, you will be unable to access its built-in apps or video streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

Can I use my TV to browse the internet?

An increasing number of smart TVs now come with a web browser, making them a viable option for surfing the Internet from your living room.

It’s great for quick searching or reading the news with your loved ones.

Browse the top-ranked list of smart TVs with web browser below along with associated reviews and opinions.

How can I turn my TV into a computer?

Can I use my smart TV as a computer?

You can use a smart TV as a computer monitor, just like any other TV, using a wired connection such as an HDMI cable.

You can also wirelessly mirror or cast to most smart TVs using a phone, tablet or computer.

How to do a virus scan on a smart TV?

Is it safe to browse internet on smart TV?

Should you use your TV as a browser or your smartphone as a TV remote? Using the browser on your TV might be convenient, but it’s a major attack target for hackers.

This is because your smart TV browser lacks the antivirus and additional security settings built into your smartphone or PC.

Is there a downside to using a TV as a computer monitor?

The Cons of Using a 4K TV as a Computer Monitor Even a 4K television will have lower DPI (dots per inch) than a computer monitor.

Functionally, this means that those in graphic design fields are not going to have as clear an image to work with.

What is the downside of a smart TV?

CON: Unreliable Performance Like any computer, a smart TV is prone to crashing or malfunctioning.

As mentioned before, if your internet is buggy, your image quality will suffer, and might even experience choppy streaming.

And if your internet is slow, then sometimes your TV slows down too.

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