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How to connect headphones to CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2 part 1

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How to connect headphones to the CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2

You want to watch your TV, but the neighbor is mowing his lawn beneath your windows, and even if you raise the sound, you hear nothing! Are the children finally taking their nap? It is then unthinkable to wake them up with the noise of the television like your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2… In this case there is a solution: plug a headphone to your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2 TV! This is the perfect way to hear your favorite program, while not disturbing anyone.

Two headphones are possible: the headphone with wire, and the wireless headphone using bluetooth technology.

In this article we will help you plug an audio headset into your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2 TV

Wired Headset from CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2

Do you have a headset with a long enough wire to make the distance between you and your TV? Then we can help you plug it in! There are two scenarios: your TV CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2 has a jack output on it or it has only RCA outputs.

Your TV has a jack output on CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2

If you are in this case, the manipulation will be very simple and fast: connect your headphones to the jack output of your television.

There you go ! Sometimes, some TVs may need to be switched to a “headphone” mode.

To do so, take the TV remote control, go to “Menu”, then “Settings”, and “Sound settings”. Finally, select the “sound in headphones” or “headphones” mode from your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2.

Your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2 TV has only RCA outputs

If you are in this case, do not panic! You need three things: RCA cables, a double female RCA splitter with jack output, and your headphones.

A double female RCA splitter with jack output is a small object on which, on one side, you can plug in your headphones with its jack, and on the other side, you can plug in the two male RCA plugs.

How to connect headphones to CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2 part 2

Be careful when connecting : connect the white plug with the white output, and the red plug with the red output. Now, start your show, the sound comes out of the headphones connected to your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2!

Wireless Headset with CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2

The wireless headset is a technology adopted by many families.

First because it is a more practical headset than the headset with a wire connected to your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2. Then because it allows several options like listening to the TV only in the headphones or allowing the sound to be also broadcast on the speakers when watching a movie together but one hears less well than the others.

How to connect headphones to CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2 part 3

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Sound only in headphones with your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2

For that, it’s quite simple, just connect the headphone output of your television to the charging base of your wireless headset.

The sound from your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2 will only pass through the base and therefore through the headphones.

Sound on speakers and headphones

To do this, use the optical output of your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2 TV.

It is not just a question of plugging in a cable, you must first have a digital analogue converter.

It is easily found on the Internet.

Then, connect it to the optical output from your CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2.

And connect your wireless headset base to the digital analogue converter! So, everybody takes advantage of the sound, each one to its preferred volume via CHANGHONG UHD55E6600ISX2!

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